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  • 6/27/19 - Workomic I: Papa Wisdom

    pros of working at the place my grandpapa also works: hes nice to me

    cons: papa wisdom is traumatizing

    stay safe out there fellas

  • 6/20/19 - * what am i supposed to write here? this is the title, right? uh... fuck you 'encounters ltd', thats my title. also 'fuck you triangle whores'. that too

    * why are teens and goddesses owning me on the internet

    * ill have you know that that bitchass triple triangular prism motherfuckerx3 stopped uploading the datalog literally one line before i interrupted it

    * like the very next sentence is me commenting stuff and telling them off for their crappy verbose writing

    * (and then i got banned but lmao that couldnt stop me)

    * also, 'lobotomies' (mind powers!!!) totally work better than making a whole stupidass ringworld, fyi

    * and i don't drink beer

    * i exclusively drink everclear

    * so jot that down

    * and im not even in debt so that teen web page makes zero sense

    * i am the debt COLLECTOR

    * of many debts

    * btw if any of you are looking to sell your soul hmu i got lotsa magical girl pens n shit

    * anyway this eldritch monstrositys gotta fly so ill check you later, losers

    fi fie fo fum

    who the FUCK touched my phone

  • 6/16/19 - queen of za be gettin dat money honeyyy and 50k??

    i dont feel like writing a lot so lets do this quick

    yea i got my first paycheck

    spent the first dollars ordering dominos

    no regrets babeyyyyy

    xander needs to help me find out why the fuckin backgrounds all stop one screen down

    fuck uikit

    nvm i fixed it thanks soups.neocities.org

    soups didnt actually tell me the solution but asked me a question which got me to look at it again so thanks

    new dnd character. renegade cyborg tiefling warlock outlaw yeehaw. her spidery biz is based on that one adventure time episode

    watch me never finish this drawing of her

    anyway because of my 40 hour workweek i havent had much time to finish art but ive done plenty of sketching

    so heres a shitty sketch compilation

    truly incredible. aren't you glad you clicked on today's news post, huh?

    get the fuck out of my sight

    oh and ps kyle didn't ban me but he did go :-/ and ask that i not break the site in the future

    thanks kyle

    ps2: amendum: *addenmum::

    who are you people

  • 6/8/19 - NEETless Endeavours, Secrets, & Fanart II



    funny story.


    i got a job???

    yeah, so, i've apparently continued on my quest to bumble my way through every stage of life. i asked my dad for a job, he said 'okay', and a couple days later, i was clocking in for my first day of work.

    as it turns out, office shit is... easy. like, really easy. i can finish most of my duties quicker than i'm given them, so there are plenty of breaks for me to check my phone and such. my coworkers are all super nice and friendly (and in their 20s,) and my boss is... my dad. also, he pays for my lunch and caffeine addiction! god bless vending machines.

    so yeah! i have a career now, and a job title, and flagrant nepotism!

    anyway, moral of the story, i guess: don't go to college? just get a job through your connections, with no skill needed on your part.

    (not that my job requires any particular skills beyond a basic ability to follow simple directions, but apparently i'm doing way better at that than the last schmuck they hired!)

    unfortunately, between the commute and 9 hour shift and such, my job takes up almost 12 hours of my weekdays. as a result, i won't have as much time to do art...

    for that reason, i've decided to put all of my silly website shit on hold and really work on my webcomic.

    here's a sneak peak of the prologue to the prologue. this is... sort of the lead-in creation myth behind the world, and the concepts mentioned here won't come up for a while. don't worry, the majority of the comic won't be this seizure-inducing. i just couldn't keep myself from making the beginning suitably cursed! i have to set the stage somehow, you know.

    oh, and speaking of putting website stuff on hold...

    yeah, for those of you who somehow aren't aware, i did a little... 'grey hat' stuff on neocities.

    i found an interesting explot/design flaw which allowed me to make many, many fake accounts super quickly, all linked to one account. i also found that there was nothing stopping those accounts from following my main one.


    i archived my site, sent off a message to kyle drake, and gave myself like 120 followers, shooting up pretty high on the browse page.

    i made it clear in the support message that i was fine with my sites being purged, and i sort of fully expected to be banned in, like, a couple hours.




    its been three days and i'm not banned.

    those of you in the discords i'm in know that this has been... perplexing. i'm not quite sure what to do? i won't be giving out the exploit unless i'm sure it's not being worked on, in maybe a week or two.

    nevertheless, uh... i have all the followers still. which is pretty smarmy, but... um. yeah.

    i guess we'll see how this goes!


    i did fanart of invizibleup's ghostsona! check out her site!

    she's not on neocities any more, and is thus a traitor and a scoundrel, but her site's still cool! just inherently inferior, obviously, as it no longer carries with it the sweet and lemon-scented kiss of kyle drake's approval.

    that's all for today! see you laters, alligators! 👔👔👔💼💼💼🎩🎩🎩

  • 5/24/19 - Fanart & Tomes III

    uh... hi! what up! been a while. 12 days. what have i gotten done? barely anything! hooray!

    first of all, as you can see, i made some fanart for my friend encounters-ltd. check his site out! or don't, i'm not a cop.

    next up on the docket...

    tomes! specifically, these two! click 'em to go to their shit. [Fanart] was changed to [Cookbook]! which is sort of ironic, given that today i made fanart, but... a cookbook is better! the [Cookbook]'s first recipe hasn't been completed yet, but the [Projects] book does have one project filled in! expect updates to these... hopefully soon!

    its really nice to have most of the tomes no longer greyed out. obviously, i still need to expand them all, and then finish up [Characters] and [Chrono], but those can wait.

    honestly, i really haven't done much finished stuff lately. my sketchbook's seen plenty of action, but not my portfolio.

    i saw detective pikachu! it was fantastic. i love bulbasaur, i love pikachu, i love all the pokemon. the plot was kinda shoddy and the characters under-developed but literally all they had to do was show me pokemon and i give it a 10/10!!

    the only other semi-significant occurance is that i got a new phone. a pixel! its... interesting. definitely a little different than my old galaxy, but hey, i like different sometimes. the camera's real good... plus, any android system is automatically 10,000x better than any iphone, so get dunked.

    once again i come to the end of the news post bereft of content. apparently, for the millionth week in a row, i've 'been busy'! probably. i mean, time passed, so i must have been doin' something. whatever!! look forward to 12 days from now, when i have two things to report and apologize again for not having much stuff.

    ciao!!!!! 🏝🏝🏝🤖🤖🤖

  • 5/12/19 - Sludge Day

    happy mothers day everyone! um, i'm sure most of you aren't mothers, though...

    anyway, click the image above to play a game demo!

    its a 3d demo with the incredible prices and values of Free. its pretty short and there's no ending so just stop when you're bored, i dunno

    check out the spoils of war! my cool girlfriend sent me the dragon (who i've dubbed senator blep), and i bought the moomin with my birthing money because i felt sad!!! by the way, this lil white dude is the softest thing in the UNIVERSE. usually when i get new plushes or whatever they go on the shelf, but this guy's been promoted to the bedspot out of sheer fluffiness. i got him because i've been watching moomin lately and, hoo boy, what a good show! the english dub's a little... eh, so i've been watching the japenese dub... its a real hoot!!!

    also i made a button! and put a few buttons at the bottom! i'm sorry to all those who didn't make it down there. i got bored of finding peoples' buttons very quickly.

    here's... here's, uh, here's something. yeah. i was very excited to have found the stems for time after time, and had to make a vaguely haunted vaporwave version. i had to. i didn't have a choice!

    the final thing i've done: filled the site to the brim with analytics. i've got woopra and gauge loaded up (on top of google analytics), for hopefully just a couple days. if i can prove that neocities isn't inflating its numbers, i can get rid of everything, but if not, i'm going to have a stern e-mail for kyle drake!!!

    (some graphics that didn't make it into the demo quite yet!)

    thats it i guess! i haven't really gotten much done at all in the past few weeks. my mom's been in the hospital (she's home fine now, dw lol), and my brain's been in the depression pool since 1969! i'm starting to regain some of my creative energy, though, as evidenced by the fact that everything in this news post was made in, like, the last couple days! and not spread out over the past two weeks since the last news post. like, yknow, how a normal person might do it.

    ...uh, well, ciao, then! 🐲🌸🌸🌸

  • 4/25/19 - Easter & Talksprites II: Electric Boogaloo

    hope you all had a good easter!!! :) 🥚🥚🥚

    (or... maybe you don't celebrate it? in which case, happy random sunday! honestly, i wouldn't give a hoot about it if not for the chocolate my mom gets me.)

    progress continues! sorta. i know i said i was looking to go *higher* res, but i tried out all sortsa sizes, and found i liked this best. its still bigger than, like, homestuck talksprites, or whatever, but i actually really like it. (plus, i spent a bit more time on getting nice colors, lol.)


    i also figured out a resolution i like for the overworld sprites! 128 x 192. from here on out, i think i'll leave game progress out of the news updates unless i'm uploading a new demo. i reeeeaaaally only added this stuff so far because i've been figuring out the visual style, and it helps to kinda write out my thought process on that sorta thing. i don't really want every update to be 'hey, so i made a full talksprite set for x character! seeya!', yknow?

    my artistic efforts are currently split between the game, the animatic, and some other semi-secret thriple thingie... so, i guess everything might take three times as long to finish! ah well! hopefully, by swapping off every day, i won't burn out on any one endeavour, and so i might finish literally a single project for ONCE. the [Projects] tome awaits my finished artistic pursuits like a honeybee awaiting that hot, sexy flower puss. the bee is going NUTS for that shit.

    its like the bee's entire impudent little life has been spent yearning for this one, saucy moment. he's desperate. he'll do anything, at this point.

    oh, great. now the little floral incel's started crying, anxiously pining for the day he'll finally imbibe in his life's destiny. hes so, so worried, as if knowingly doomed to never chance upon that supple, lone stamina, lusting for his gentle bee touch.

    but don't worry, lil dude. the day will come. you'll get that nasty sex dust and hork up some honey.


    anyway, i'll also be conducting a small experiment next week, which will last one month. hypothesis: if you purchase supporter status on neocities, upload restricted file types, and then your supporter status runs out, they will NOT be lost to the mystical and unknowable wasteland that is the recycle bin. i'm really hoping i'm correct in this assumption, but the ways of kyle's wretched and juicy mind are beyond my sight, much to my chagrin. so i'm just testing it out to make sure!


    what else

    been listenin to neil cicieriegegiag like every fuckin' day, again. dude's got tunes like no other. just fuck me up, neil. just fuck me up.

    thats it. fuck off & ciao, my bodacious mothertruckers. 🐝🐝🐝

  • 4/19/19 - Two Days Ago (Aircheck)

    i've been in... a bit of a homestuck mood lately.

    i guess it's because of the epilogue coming out, but, honestly, i'm kinda *always* in a homestuck mood. five years ago, the gm of the homestuck-based tabletop game i was in unveiled a flash she'd made in ms paint, set to cyndi lauper's time after time - and ever since, i've always wanted to animate it for real. i tried in 2017, but krita's bugginess combined with my own inexperience led to me giving up on it about halfway through.

    but... i'm feeling pretty optimistic about my chances of finishing it this time, what with my new less-buggy tools and all. plus, it gives me a nice break from working on the game!

    anyway, this portion of the storyboard/animatic/whatever the hell this is, isn't really... part of the original flash. this is a different scene that sort of gives that flash context, and its only going to be, like, two minutes tacked on to a three-minute video anyway. oh, and, obviously... this part isn't set to time after time! (and i have some real fun ideas for the second half of this extra portion...!)

    that's all for today. just figured i'd show this bit off, since it has music and everything and is already a minute long. (i find i can generally 'storyboard', like, ~45 seconds in a day's work, which, with my quick burnout rate, tends to be 'five hours or so'. i could probably storyboard more if i wasn't... sort of jumping straight in to it being an animatic, but, uh, i dunno, i find actual storyboards to be a little dull.)

    so... see you laters, alligators! ⚔⚔⚔

  • 4/18/19 - Talksprites & Fuck Mountain

    so... progress on the 'game' is coming along!

    (i got a little distracted the past few days.)

    these were my first passes at actual talksprites. more of a test than anything. i was planning on going with this sort of style, but unfortunately, i'm not really enjoying the look of it. which is a shame, because these have a fairly small file size. i'd just prefer to have something that looks good, rather than limit myself to the more simplistic low-res look.

    (plus, it'll be a lot easier to do things like small head turns and such if i start working with vector lines, although i might stick with the binary pencil. still not 100% sure...)

    i'm also not sure about how homestuck-adjacent i want to be with this. i definitely want them to be animated, but a large portion of the torso may not be necessary, and since i want to have a lot of characters and thus a lot of talksprites, it might be beneficial to go with something a little smaller. the sprites from the first two pokemon mystery dungeon games, or perhaps the headsprites from undertale are more along what i'm thinking of. (or, honestly, i'm almost tempted to go with the itty-bitty talksprite style in the [Software] tome. it looks better than this, and was less effort!)

    i also tried out a pixel art style for the overworld sprites... again, not really happy with this. i've not practiced pixel art nearly enough to be semi-decent. think i should just go with actual illustrations for everything. itll be easier and look better. it needs to be at least a higher resolution than these, which are a little more than 32x32, so i'll try out 128x128 and 256x256 and so on before i just go buckwild with high resolutions.

    ...unfortunately, this all means the past, like, four hours have been a waste! ah well. at least i didn't make more of these before changing my mind..

    ...in other news....

    mr foddy, you'd better watch your back, buddy.

    getting over it has been installed on my computer, taunting me from within my steam library, for the past two years. every time, i'd get to that stupid fucking cunt of a bucket right above the anvil, and every time, i'd give up.

    not this time.

    not this fucking time, mr foddy.

    tenacity may not be my strong suit, but today, i have conquered your stupid-ass obstacle course from hell, and i am now the bitch queen of fuck mountain. eat shit

    later, mothertruckers


  • 4/15/19 - Demo

    i'm working on something big for the site! a game sort of thing!

    unfortunately, you can't see what i'm working on. instead, you can see... uh...

    well, you can see a thing. its not... the game i'm making, but, its got some of the programming from that game. consider it a sort of lobotomized tech demo, with one or two little interesting things to find. don't expect to see the actual game i'm making for at least a few months...

    click here.

    oh, and a big thanks to comfydev for hosting the actual WASM files for it! i don't have a supporter account yet. (sorry kyle.) originally hosting the files! but i'm hosting them now!! anyway, go check out his cool site!

    no further questions will be answered on this subject.

    (unless you're really curious! i'm still pretty new to unity, besides a small, crappy, unfinished project like a year ago, but i'm really enjoying learning all the stuff!)

    anyway, in other news: i've really done nothing! i've been a little busy, and haven't finished any (non-goofy mouse) art since the software tome. i'm still pretty active on the miacities discord (hello, xander and encounters!), but real life stuff (and video games) have eaten up a majority of my time.

    other than visual art, i've been doing a little writing, which i won't bother sharing. i hope to, at some point, maybe put some writing on this site, but i'm not a very good writer yet! it'll have to wait.

    that's all for now! ciao! 🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • 4/10/19 - 20k views, and [Software] Tome!

    im poplar

    for real though, thanks everyone for checkin out my site! i dont normally give a shit about this sort of thing, but hey, the numbers lined up right as i was doing an update.

    anyway, i've finally filled in another tome! check out [Art] for little blurbs about the software i use/have used to do my art! it doesn't have everything yet, but theres enough for now.

    also, i'm still tweaking the analytics! so they still exist! sorry! fuck you! get spied on, idiot! lol

    uh... hasta la vista, babey!🌙🌙🌙🌙

    addendum, 4/11/19-ish:

    i'm currently fixing a lot of issues with the site's layout, mostly centered around upgrading things to uikit! thank you to comfydev for the help! :)

    ...and i don't feel like making a new news post image. anyway, here's what i'm doing tonight:

    first: fixing the index page, sticking news into an accordion.

    second: [Software] had issues with scaling on the dialogue box> FUCK CSS

    third: revamping the portfolio using uikit! fuck uikit. im not doing this tonight

    if i still have time, i might even work on [Characters] tonight...! fuck you

    hasta la vista 2x combobo! 😎

    addendum 2:




  • 3/29/19 - Beetle Cloak and Analytics II

    the other night, i dreamt i had a cloak that let me fly on the wind like a leaf

    but i had an angry father who could fly, too

    while i was entertaining a group of nomads in the forest, he came for me with his two swords, as i'd abandoned the military he helmed

    we fought, gliding over the water. he smashed my rapier. i broke off the blade of his sword and stabbed him in the lungs with it, dropping him into the ocean below.

    ...winning the battle was so cool that i woke up immediately!

    now, a quick update on my analytics...

    yeah, the numbers are still off like a week later. either neocities sucks, or google analytics sucks. (or both!)

    not only that, but 78 of those views are the same entity, using firefox, from the same place in nyc, with a bounce rate of 100%. i have bots and myself blacklisted from the results (and i don't even use firefox), so i have no idea what that is. i'm guessing it might be neocities' server taking the pictures when i update the site.

    otherwise, the info is kind of pointless? its interesting to see where people visit and for how long, but with such a low sample size, there isn't much of a reason to have it. not to mention the fact that it isn't even gathering demographic data on gender and age, despite that feature being enabled.

    anyway, i guess the upside is that i can get rid of the analytics without missing out on anything. i'll leave it on for another week or two just to see how it goes, and then chuck it in the trash.

    well, that's it today. ciao! 🐰🐰🐰🐰

  • 3/28/19 - Animal Crossing

    i've been playing lots of animal crossing: new leaf lately! this turban was in the shop the very first day, and i put it on just to see what it look liked (because its one of the biggest hats in the game)... and i just ended up loving it! so obviously i had to draw this iconic ensemble. (maybe i'll draw my lovely villagers, too! i've got the best. mitsi, flora, keaton, pheobe, beau...!! so many great ones!)

    in site news, i tweaked the scaling so it actually works somewhat on mobile, and i added a pretty big to-do list to misc. i'd keep it private, but i really like getting to check things off. plus, it keeps me accountable! i gotta get all that stuff done.

    also, hello to everyone in the discords who i met these past few days! neocities is much more fun when chatting up the community!

    ...that's really it for today! i'm gonna throw these puppies in the [Portfolio] and then maybe take on something actually on the list later tonight.

    (also, on the left here is what my character actually looks like. as you can see, i took a few liberties with the outfit! on the right is a really, really weird glitch that happened when i tried rendering the dithery image once. photoshop is weird!~)

    ciao!!! 🐶🐶🐱🐭🐸🎩🎩🎩👠👠👠🏝🏝🏝🌙🌙🌙

  • 3/26/19 - Thri-Kreen and Pancakes

    still learning watercolors... the colors here have been digitally altered a little! the actual thing has the ugliest yellow for the moon and the eyes... i'm really not good at figuring out what colors to use in watercolor. honestly, i think my best work would be macron pen lineart + digital coloring.

    shes my thri-kreen for a 4e dark sun game i'm joining, and i don't have a name for her yet, but i'm excited to play such a cool race! and she's so fun to draw! ...is it weird to have done a watercolor of a character before i've even finished the character sheet...?

    also, i made pancakes from scratch for the first time today after nearly two decades of tutelage by the great aunt j, and i am sad to report: i am a fraud. i dont know if the recipe i followed was just terrible, but they were so tasteless i that i threw out the extras. and i am not a picky person! i will eat bad leftovers, usually! if i cant even cook pancakes good from scratch, i think i have to hand in my badge and goofy baker's hat and my license to grill. (wait, are pancakes baking, or cooking? they're kind of in the weird purgatory grey area between the two, i suppose. right next to pigs in a blanket.)

    thats all! ciao! 🐛🐜🐛🐜

  • 3/22/19 - Analytics, 404, and Privacy

    i wanted more precise information on my audience than neocities gives, so ive put google analytics on my site! my top engineers are hard at work figuring out how the hell any of it works and what it all means. hopefully i will be receiving their full report by the end of the decade.

    also, just to be safe, i made a privacy policy page, linked at the bottom. and a proper 404! and a few other bits and bobs. my site is starting to have more secrets than surface content! but that's fine by me!

    uh, so far, the only insight i can glean from the data is that a) google has a scary amount of information available on everyone who shows up and b) google seems to be reporting, like, 1/100th of the number of unique views that neocities claims i'm getting. maybe that'll fix itself after some time has passed...?

    i mean, seriously, neocities says i had 302 unique hits and 985 overall hits for march 21st, and google analytics says i had... 8. that, uh, seems a little weird. do that many neocities users really have anti-tracking stuff?

    ...also, how morally bankrupt is it to be doing this on neocities, anyway? i'd be happy to hear your thoughts!

    well, regardless, that's it for today! ciao! 👀👀👀👀

  • 3/17/19 - Taskbar Shenanigans

    computers just let you do fuckin anything! wow!!!!

  • 3/15/19 - Portfolio Tome

    good news! i've finally gotten one of the art tomes back up - [Portfolio]! check it out in the art tab at the top!

    the bad news is that that thing is real affectionate. you're gonna wanna bring some wet wipes, bud. i promise the contents are worth it, though!

    have fun! ciao!💦💦💦

  • 3/12/19 - Website Overhaul

    boy, have i been a bad webmaster for the past month or two!

    my idea was to update the site with a new design that i found more unique and interesting than the previous aesthetic of 'kindergartener's first website, featuring the color orange', but the idea was pretty involved. like, i still want to do it at some point in the future, but right now, i just don't have the time or coding skills. while i was working on that, i took the site down, thinking it'd take, like, two days, and then... well,,,, i just left the site inoperable for a month. whoops!!

    i've actually been pretty busy with other projects. i'm keeping the 'Art' tomes offline, because i still really don't feel like they're... good. unfortunately, that means the website has really Nothing To See, but,, hopefully that'll change soon!!!!

    nevertheless, i've given the site a slight facelift, and i'll continue working on it in my spare time!

    speaking of those other projects...

    this is an animatic i've been working on the past week or two for a tabletop game i'm in based on rwby!! that's my character, lumi, (the same character as in the watercolor above!) she can control light from her firefly abdomen - she's a faunus!

    specifically, this is from the orientation session, all the way up until the first round of combat with a nevermore. obviously, this is pretty rough, and i'm not sure if i'll ever finish it (i'm already itchin' to move on to other stuff), but it was really fun! and i learned a lot.

    (its also the first somewhat lengthy animatic i've done since watching richard williams' animators survival guide animated dvd series. boy, what a genius! i feel like ive really improved a lot from watching that.)

    otherwise... i've been doing mostly sketchbook art, which i'd rather not put up online because of how rough it is...

    and i was throwing around the idea of having the site be like a 'ufo', with little animations of my characters going up the tractor beams.

    this one... mostly isn't going to be finished because i'm kinda sick of animating with vector lines. i dunno, im not a fan of the look.

    this one obviously didnt get as far as the other one - but i like it more anyway.

    and, for my final trick...

    that's it! ciao! 🌺

  • 1/9/19 - Watercolor

    this year, one of my resolutions was to learn watercolors! i've been doing digital art almost exclusively since i started my art career around 2013, and especially in the last few years. i think i've done maybe two acrylic paintings before, when i was like, 13.

    so here's my first try!!

    obviously, it's a little sloppy... i've sort of forgotten how to do any sort of traditional art, even, like, pencil and pens! but hopefully as i continue this year, i'll get better at staying inside the lines!

    (i... also kind of need to figure out how to scan things with a printer. or i need to get my camera back -_- my phone's color balance is really off. oh well!)

    that's all! ciao! 🎨🎨🖌

  • 1/7/19 - Rainbow Cookies II and [Characters] Tomes II

    well... the second batch certainly came out more uniform!! ESPECIALLY compared to the last batch...

    unfortunately, i was running low on jelly, so these ones are a little jelly-light. whatever, i'm not bringing these to a party or anything. these are just for all the important people in my life who weren't at the christmas dinner! 🍄

    in site news, i added character portraits to all of them and got their art images loading in from [Chrono]... mostly. some of the portraits, like koryo's, i'm really happy with, and then some of them aren't my best work. i suppose that's the cost of doing like ten full-body drawings of characters i haven't drawn in years all at once!

    (two of them were genuinely so shitty that i'm not actually using them! i'll probably re-do them at a later date.)

    i also got all of the captions down for 2019, 2018, and 2017! which... are the years that probably *least* needed them, just based on, uh, art quality alone. shouldn't take too long to get through the rest, though!!

    (genuinely not sure if i should have 2014-2017 public before i get the [Portfolio] tome up... [Chrono] is supposed to be an archive, with all the flaws that that entails, but right now, it's kind of the only grouping of my art available!)

    ((i also have an extra-special site layout planned... but that'll have to wait until more individual areas are ready! 🍤))



    that's all for now! ciao!

  • 1/3/19 - New Years, [Chrono] and [Characters] Tomes

    happy belated new years! 🎉

    i finally found the time/fucks to give to work on the art section a little bit more. the [Characters] and [Chrono] tomes... work, i guess. still need a LOT more work before they're done. and i couldn't ever figure out how to double-modal and put everything on one html page...

    all things considered, probably for the best. i don't think putting every single thing on one page ever would have worked, that was kind of dumb as hell

    the only characters with any info there for them are koryo and [redacted]. honestly, i spent more time drawing updated portraits for all of them than i did working on the html page. -_-

    anyway, that's all for now! hopefully next time i won't be stricken with the 'update my website' bug at 5 am, especially when i have to get up at 9 am tomorrow...

    🎁🎁 ciao! 🎁🎁

    (oh, and i added a favicon, too! just a rose emoji :)

  • 12/23/18 - Holidays, Rainbow Cookies, and Art Tomes

    sorry i haven't updated in a bit... busy for the holidays!! i spent an entire day organizing and putting dates to all of my old art from late 2013 to 2018, and that sort of destroyed my motivation for a week or two, haha. none of that stuff is public yet, but hopefully soon!

    anyway, here's some rainbow cookies i baked for christmas dinner tomorrow!! i've never baked anything this complicated before... they came out a little wonky, but they taste JUST like the real thing from the bakery so i hope my family likes them!!

    maybe i'll add a little book for real-life images to the art page 'bookshelf' i'm working on... well, i'll have to get my camera back from my friend for that. sorry for the potato quality of the ones above 📷📷

    i couldn't actually get the modal on the art page working fully, though, so i'm gonna work on that when i have time next week!

    um... and i made a 3d model of a spaceship for shores of hazeron! boy, i need to make a link for that game, its a real hoot. i'll post pics of that ufo when its done too!

    oh, before i go, have y'all heard of mitski? she's incredible!!

    that's it for today! ciao! 🌈🌈🌈

  • 12/13/18 - Flora and Rodent Generator II

    a few more changes...

    • added some images here and there
    • spiced up the background with some flora :)
    • rat gen got the deep lore

    all of these things were on the to-do list in the last news post, so i'm just going to cross stuff off on there from this point on, rather than make entire news posts for small changes.

  • 12/12/18 - Neural Nets, Emoticons, Rat Gen, and Art Gallery

    oookay, i made a bunch of changes.

    • added modal images to the art gallery
    • added a Rodent Generator to misc
    • ...added a bunch of emoticons which was very tedious and took way too long
    • added a neural net quote box
    • and then put it in misc, too, where i've also given it a helpful description
    • gave all the art shit dates and captions, why not
    • put in some meta tags, changed the font to monofur
    • played around with a little canvas thing in misc... don't know that it'll go anywhere
    • overall, i learned SO much about javascript and jquery!!!!

    i still have a lot left to do, though!

    • i'd like to get more images overall. a proper header for the index,(kinda achieved this??? not really) a self-portrait(done) and little interest doodles for the about, custom banners for each page (rather than banners im having custom backgrounds), some drawings to accompany the rodent gen and other stuff in misc... and maybe some garden-y vine stuff around? some actual roses? it's called 'my rose garden', so... (didn't put any real roses in it, whoops!)
    • i'm gonna try and turn the canvas in misc into a lil 2d platformer or a rogue clone or something :o
    • there's still a shitton of art i haven't uploaded, it'd be nice to go through all of it and get it up there. i might even add an 'even older art' section. the only thing really stopping me is how tedious it is, what with having to make thumbnails and such seperately. i've gotta get a bunch of art together and do it all at once! (done! everythings in [Chrono])
    • more fun, weird stuff! i've done a lot of odd projects over the years, i'd like to get them up here. the rodent gen is just one of many affronts to god!
    • i gotta figure out tensorflow.js and make some proper javascript neural net things for the site. i *gotta.*
    • i'd like to get some links going to some of my friends' sites and blogs! that'll probably need custom art too, though...!
    • character pages, with links to all the art for specific characters, would be fun. (done, just need to revamp them so they look nice)
    • GOTTA get a teeny tiny geocities gif button. absolutely necessary. this should be higher on the list
    • i have a whole bunch of videos from an old channel that i should really upload to my Rose Knight™™™ one so that i can put them in misc
    • people like collections, right? i have a few collections i could take pics of and upload somewhere!
    • i have no idea how guestbooks work but it would totally own to have one
    • this site isn't really weird and glitchy and eldritch horrorterror-y, which is VERY off brand for me. i need to fix that.(done, although i want to keep up with this going forward still. ive added a few secrets, too.)
    • the site's layout overall is a little basic right now, and i'd like to jazz things up a little on every page. its very centralized, because having things next to one another scares me deeply. columns are confusing and horrible. (for now, the main stuff is more or less complete, so i'll have to make future stuff more unique in terms of layout. i need to make content first, though!!)
    • the rodent button only works on the second click for some reason, and i should make the NN quotes be refreshed on click. oh, and i should find a way to make the textgenrnn explanation collapsible, since it isn't really important and clutters up the page.

  • 12/3/18 - Creation

    hey i just went ahead and made this web site whats up

    ill be posting my art here while tumblr Implodes... check it out at the top :0