// > yo waddup sucka

// > i am 🌺roseknight🌺
but most call me just 'rose'

// > this is me -->>>>>>

// > my interests include pottery, pottery, pottery, pottery, pottery, selfish, breaking things, pottery, pottery, pottery, pottery, pottery, pottery, p

// > fun fact: nobody has ever seen me!

// > i am 20 i am 423 i am years old i am 88 i am 90 90 99 90 99 88 99 88 99 90 88 90 years old! i love to take little pictures of dogs and when nobodys looking i rip the picture up and eat it

// > ii live in a hole

// > i eat dirt

alright i can't be assed to make like a separate copyright page, contact page, and privacy policy page so lets knock em all out in one go


everything on this site was made by me (roseknight) and is therefore under my copyright, except for the following items:

- the scp parody page's header images and styling

- the lightshot logo in that one article

- the programs featured in my windows 10 breaking guide whenever i get around to posting that

- lots of code stolen shamelessly from w3schools and stackexchange and whatever

- some but not all of the images from the hazeron article were taken by people who weren't me

don't steal my art. if you do, legally by webdev code i have to duel you to the death with swords, and i'm not sorry about it. some people are sorry when they duel infringers to the death with swords but frankly i'm kind of into it. so watch out


i hear that this 'discord' thing is going to overtake courier pigeons someday. i doubt it. but just in case, you can direct all hatemail at ga#3079. or, throw an electronic mail to admin@roseknight.org, although i never check that one so good luck

privacy policy

i don't fuckin' know. i'm pretty sure i'm not doing anything to infringe on your privacy rights but please let me know if you think of any fun ways for me to do it. because i can and will. i use hashover, owa, and dreamhost, and i'm pretty sure hashover stores stuff in cookies, and owa gets all sorts of analytics info. check out their inferior privacy pages if you really give a shit


im not sure this is really the place to ask questions but ok

q: how come the about page is so useless

a: sorry

q: can i commission you?

a: well probably no. im not really a business person and i have a stable job. most of the art i do for other people is just stuff i decided to draw out of the blue. drawing for people on purpose for money is kinda scary and also paypal sucks

q: how old are you actually

a: im 21 probably

q: where you at

a: united states unfortunately

q: whats your opinion

a: yes

q: how comes sometimes your. leafs is blue but others time they green ?? is there some. Deep Lore reasons ?

a: i like to make colors appealing, not realistic. sometimes i feel like blue leaves looks dope

q: top 10 youtube?

a: 1. doctor 2. nerd cubed 3 . f

q: whats the name mean

a: rose is my name and knights are cool

q: is rose your real life name

a: yes

q: wow rose your so sexy and ripped a

q: nd i care about you're feelings

a: i'm a nun so get out of here harlot

q: [x] page is broken on mobile??

a: i know and i don't care

q: how come you don't have any pictures of dancing babies on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!


q: thoughts on taxes?

a: i support them

q: did you college

a: yeah but not for very long. turns out you can decide not to go to college and its just as good

q: favorite color

a: pastel pink or lime green

q: what happened to [x] page

a: i got sick of it and its gone now bye

q: nanananagnfgh pbbbtbtbtpbtpbt

a: shut the fuck

q: whats the point of the website

a: i never really considered it. but i guess its a portfolio and also a blog