update log

7-16-20 new video

youube .com p'lease

6-10-20 alcohol

top 10 new... article. here click it

also, minor note: hashover seems to not like the htaccess php trickery i've done to my whole site, so its gone. looking into alternatives soon

6-4-20 bububu

as you can see, the homepage's revamp is now, more or less, complete. still more work to be done elsewhere, but my webdev steam has slowed...

shoutout to anyone who remembers when i had similar scrolling sidebars on my homepage oh sooooo long ago

anyway, one other thing is, uh, i made a custom error 500 page before finding out i apparently can't get actual 500 errors to point to it. oh well...

oh, and one last thing: happy pride month, and black lives matter! ;)

5-20-20 home revamp

noo don't revamp your home page your so sexy aha

not done yet but the stuff up top is so funny to me that i can't not post this yet

5-18-20 cheese II

one more volume added to the inquirer, and now i'm more or less done with my backlog. got more posts cooking; stay tuned.

really started playing with php, htaccess, and other such toys - urls no longer have pesky '.html', i now have OWA-powered analytics, a bunch of pages were given a more practical header so the site is easier to navigate, 'about' got a slight increase in usefulness, and - finally - a bunch of pages work better on mobile, thanks to some help from the parkcity gang!

5-14-20 projects

hoorah the projects page is... technically... now online

keyword 'technically.' you'll, uh, see what i mean when you click it.

also added some more reviews...

and as a little bonus, because i can, every article now has a sexy little comment section at the bottom ;) check it out!

5-8-20 RATS


gonna get added to projects as soon as i add my other shit to projects lmao

5-7-20 Articles

here's a little something i wrote. i'm gonna try and upload a bunch of smaller things to my site in the next couple days just to clean up a little. they're not gonna be the prettiest, but i don't think every single thing i make needs a multi-tiered parallax background, eh?

5-5-20 Dreamhost

bye neocities im a dreamhost bitch now

also i got sick of the pixel font so we helvetica now

4-14-20: Hey Anni Sweetie

i um

i made something

4-9-20: Backgrounds

ayo sorry its been a while. 'mbusy. anyway i updated the backgrounds in reviews and portfolio, and i made another spicy page, the sketchdump, which will be the first item in projects... as soon as projects' background is done!

...also, the uh, blue, headache-inducing pixellated column is not the final background.

3-24-20: Small Shit

added an art to the portfolio and also some more reviews

3-10-20: Volume 2

another volume of the inquirer! this one without comics, because, uh... [scatters papers and runs away]
also did a little more writing for the secret scp page, and tweaked various parts of it to make it more cohesive

3-5-20: Tweakaroni And Cheese

changed the default fonts, added some sweet hover effects to clickable images, refined about, added some march reviews, and spent faaaar too long last night looking into how to do a ripple-wavey effect on images a la hypnospace outlaw using pure css. couldn't find anything :(

not really happy with the h1 fonts readability but i havent found a better one yet :/

3-4-20: The NeoKnight Inquirer

ah, im actually writing this a few days late, but i joined a weird group site called oomoox, and my thing is a 1920s yellow journalist newspaper! complete with the latest and greatest scoop! and comics, made by yours truly or by guest artists! ;)

i'll be adding a full article page to the 'projects' planet up above once i've got, uh, more than one volume, next sunday! it'll be linked on oomoox, too.

and -- hopefully!! -- i'll have a new volume every sunday thereafter!

2-23-20: Core Online

with the about page back up, and at least... one of the three things in it finished, i'm happy to call this full site revamp basically complete, structurally speaking. of course, there's still lots of work to be done, things to add, and plans to follow through with!!

2-4-20: The Big One

the biggest site revamp since i started this thing! a full overhaul of not only every single page, but also my underlying goals for the site itself. this is gonna take a while...