i wanted more precise information on my audience than neocities gives, so ive put google analytics on my site! my top engineers are hard at work figuring out how the hell any of it works and what it all means. hopefully i will be receiving their full report by the end of the decade.

also, just to be safe, i made a privacy policy page, linked at the bottom. and a proper 404! and a few other bits and bobs. my site is starting to have more secrets than surface content! but that's fine by me!

uh, so far, the only insight i can glean from the data is that a) google has a scary amount of information available on everyone who shows up and b) google seems to be reporting, like, 1/100th of the number of unique views that neocities claims i'm getting. maybe that'll fix itself after some time has passed...?

i mean, seriously, neocities says i had 302 unique hits and 985 overall hits for march 21st, and google analytics says i had... 8. that, uh, seems a little weird. do that many neocities users really have anti-tracking stuff?

...also, how morally bankrupt is it to be doing this on neocities, anyway? i'd be happy to hear your thoughts!

well, regardless, that's it for today! ciao! 👀👀👀👀