still learning watercolors... the colors here have been digitally altered a little! the actual thing has the ugliest yellow for the moon and the eyes... i'm really not good at figuring out what colors to use in watercolor. honestly, i think my best work would be macron pen lineart + digital coloring.

shes my thri-kreen for a 4e dark sun game i'm joining, and i don't have a name for her yet, but i'm excited to play such a cool race! and she's so fun to draw! it weird to have done a watercolor of a character before i've even finished the character sheet...?

also, i made pancakes from scratch for the first time today after nearly two decades of tutelage by the great aunt j, and i am sad to report: i am a fraud. i dont know if the recipe i followed was just terrible, but they were so tasteless i that i threw out the extras. and i am not a picky person! i will eat bad leftovers, usually! if i cant even cook pancakes good from scratch, i think i have to hand in my badge and goofy baker's hat and my license to grill. (wait, are pancakes baking, or cooking? they're kind of in the weird purgatory grey area between the two, i suppose. right next to pigs in a blanket.)

thats all! ciao! 🐛🐜🐛🐜