i'm working on something big for the site! a game sort of thing!

unfortunately, you can't see what i'm working on. instead, you can see... uh...

well, you can see a thing. its not... the game i'm making, but, its got some of the programming from that game. consider it a sort of lobotomized tech demo, with one or two little interesting things to find. don't expect to see the actual game i'm making for at least a few months...

click here.

oh, and a big thanks to comfydev for hosting the actual WASM files for it! i don't have a supporter account yet. (sorry kyle.) originally hosting the files! but i'm hosting them now!! anyway, go check out his cool site!

no further questions will be answered on this subject.

(unless you're really curious! i'm still pretty new to unity, besides a small, crappy, unfinished project like a year ago, but i'm really enjoying learning all the stuff!)

anyway, in other news: i've really done nothing! i've been a little busy, and haven't finished any (non-goofy mouse) art since the software tome. i'm still pretty active on the miacities discord (hello, xander and encounters!), but real life stuff (and video games) have eaten up a majority of my time.

other than visual art, i've been doing a little writing, which i won't bother sharing. i hope to, at some point, maybe put some writing on this site, but i'm not a very good writer yet! it'll have to wait.

that's all for now! ciao! 🌺🌺🌺🌺