so... progress on the 'game' is coming along!

(i got a little distracted the past few days.)

these were my first passes at actual talksprites. more of a test than anything. i was planning on going with this sort of style, but unfortunately, i'm not really enjoying the look of it. which is a shame, because these have a fairly small file size. i'd just prefer to have something that looks good, rather than limit myself to the more simplistic low-res look.

(plus, it'll be a lot easier to do things like small head turns and such if i start working with vector lines, although i might stick with the binary pencil. still not 100% sure...)

i'm also not sure about how homestuck-adjacent i want to be with this. i definitely want them to be animated, but a large portion of the torso may not be necessary, and since i want to have a lot of characters and thus a lot of talksprites, it might be beneficial to go with something a little smaller. the sprites from the first two pokemon mystery dungeon games, or perhaps the headsprites from undertale are more along what i'm thinking of. (or, honestly, i'm almost tempted to go with the itty-bitty talksprite style in the [Software] tome. it looks better than this, and was less effort!)

i also tried out a pixel art style for the overworld sprites... again, not really happy with this. i've not practiced pixel art nearly enough to be semi-decent. think i should just go with actual illustrations for everything. itll be easier and look better. it needs to be at least a higher resolution than these, which are a little more than 32x32, so i'll try out 128x128 and 256x256 and so on before i just go buckwild with high resolutions.

...unfortunately, this all means the past, like, four hours have been a waste! ah well. at least i didn't make more of these before changing my mind.. other news....

mr foddy, you'd better watch your back, buddy.

getting over it has been installed on my computer, taunting me from within my steam library, for the past two years. every time, i'd get to that stupid fucking cunt of a bucket right above the anvil, and every time, i'd give up.

not this time.

not this fucking time, mr foddy.

tenacity may not be my strong suit, but today, i have conquered your stupid-ass obstacle course from hell, and i am now the bitch queen of fuck mountain. eat shit

later, mothertruckers