i've been in... a bit of a homestuck mood lately.

i guess it's because of the epilogue coming out, but, honestly, i'm kinda *always* in a homestuck mood. five years ago, the gm of the homestuck-based tabletop game i was in unveiled a flash she'd made in ms paint, set to cyndi lauper's time after time - and ever since, i've always wanted to animate it for real. i tried in 2017, but krita's bugginess combined with my own inexperience led to me giving up on it about halfway through.

but... i'm feeling pretty optimistic about my chances of finishing it this time, what with my new less-buggy tools and all. plus, it gives me a nice break from working on the game!

anyway, this portion of the storyboard/animatic/whatever the hell this is, isn't really... part of the original flash. this is a different scene that sort of gives that flash context, and its only going to be, like, two minutes tacked on to a three-minute video anyway. oh, and, obviously... this part isn't set to time after time! (and i have some real fun ideas for the second half of this extra portion...!)

that's all for today. just figured i'd show this bit off, since it has music and everything and is already a minute long. (i find i can generally 'storyboard', like, ~45 seconds in a day's work, which, with my quick burnout rate, tends to be 'five hours or so'. i could probably storyboard more if i wasn't... sort of jumping straight in to it being an animatic, but, uh, i dunno, i find actual storyboards to be a little dull.)

so... see you laters, alligators! ⚔⚔⚔