hope you all had a good easter!!! :) 🥚🥚🥚

(or... maybe you don't celebrate it? in which case, happy random sunday! honestly, i wouldn't give a hoot about it if not for the chocolate my mom gets me.)

progress continues! sorta. i know i said i was looking to go *higher* res, but i tried out all sortsa sizes, and found i liked this best. its still bigger than, like, homestuck talksprites, or whatever, but i actually really like it. (plus, i spent a bit more time on getting nice colors, lol.)


i also figured out a resolution i like for the overworld sprites! 128 x 192. from here on out, i think i'll leave game progress out of the news updates unless i'm uploading a new demo. i reeeeaaaally only added this stuff so far because i've been figuring out the visual style, and it helps to kinda write out my thought process on that sorta thing. i don't really want every update to be 'hey, so i made a full talksprite set for x character! seeya!', yknow?

my artistic efforts are currently split between the game, the animatic, and some other semi-secret thriple thingie... so, i guess everything might take three times as long to finish! ah well! hopefully, by swapping off every day, i won't burn out on any one endeavour, and so i might finish literally a single project for ONCE. the [Projects] tome awaits my finished artistic pursuits like a honeybee awaiting that hot, sexy flower puss. the bee is going NUTS for that shit.

its like the bee's entire impudent little life has been spent yearning for this one, saucy moment. he's desperate. he'll do anything, at this point.

oh, great. now the little floral incel's started crying, anxiously pining for the day he'll finally imbibe in his life's destiny. hes so, so worried, as if knowingly doomed to never chance upon that supple, lone stamina, lusting for his gentle bee touch.

but don't worry, lil dude. the day will come. you'll get that nasty sex dust and hork up some honey.


anyway, i'll also be conducting a small experiment next week, which will last one month. hypothesis: if you purchase supporter status on neocities, upload restricted file types, and then your supporter status runs out, they will NOT be lost to the mystical and unknowable wasteland that is the recycle bin. i'm really hoping i'm correct in this assumption, but the ways of kyle's wretched and juicy mind are beyond my sight, much to my chagrin. so i'm just testing it out to make sure!


what else

been listenin to neil cicieriegegiag like every fuckin' day, again. dude's got tunes like no other. just fuck me up, neil. just fuck me up.

thats it. fuck off & ciao, my bodacious mothertruckers. 🐝🐝🐝