happy mothers day everyone! um, i'm sure most of you aren't mothers, though...

anyway, click the image above to play a game demo!

its a 3d demo with the incredible prices and values of Free. its pretty short and there's no ending so just stop when you're bored, i dunno

check out the spoils of war! my cool girlfriend sent me the dragon (who i've dubbed senator blep), and i bought the moomin with my birthing money because i felt sad!!! by the way, this lil white dude is the softest thing in the UNIVERSE. usually when i get new plushes or whatever they go on the shelf, but this guy's been promoted to the bedspot out of sheer fluffiness. i got him because i've been watching moomin lately and, hoo boy, what a good show! the english dub's a little... eh, so i've been watching the japenese dub... its a real hoot!!!

also i made a button! and put a few buttons at the bottom! i'm sorry to all those who didn't make it down there. i got bored of finding peoples' buttons very quickly.

here's... here's, uh, here's something. yeah. i was very excited to have found the stems for time after time, and had to make a vaguely haunted vaporwave version. i had to. i didn't have a choice!

the final thing i've done: filled the site to the brim with analytics. i've got woopra and gauge loaded up (on top of google analytics), for hopefully just a couple days. if i can prove that neocities isn't inflating its numbers, i can get rid of everything, but if not, i'm going to have a stern e-mail for kyle drake!!!

(some graphics that didn't make it into the demo quite yet!)

thats it i guess! i haven't really gotten much done at all in the past few weeks. my mom's been in the hospital (she's home fine now, dw lol), and my brain's been in the depression pool since 1969! i'm starting to regain some of my creative energy, though, as evidenced by the fact that everything in this news post was made in, like, the last couple days! and not spread out over the past two weeks since the last news post. like, yknow, how a normal person might do it.

...uh, well, ciao, then! 🐲🌸🌸🌸