uh... hi! what up! been a while. 12 days. what have i gotten done? barely anything! hooray!

first of all, as you can see, i made some fanart for my friend encounters-ltd. check his site out! or don't, i'm not a cop.

next up on the docket...

tomes! specifically, these two! click 'em to go to their shit. [Fanart] was changed to [Cookbook]! which is sort of ironic, given that today i made fanart, but... a cookbook is better! the [Cookbook]'s first recipe hasn't been completed yet, but the [Projects] book does have one project filled in! expect updates to these... hopefully soon!

its really nice to have most of the tomes no longer greyed out. obviously, i still need to expand them all, and then finish up [Characters] and [Chrono], but those can wait.

honestly, i really haven't done much finished stuff lately. my sketchbook's seen plenty of action, but not my portfolio.

i saw detective pikachu! it was fantastic. i love bulbasaur, i love pikachu, i love all the pokemon. the plot was kinda shoddy and the characters under-developed but literally all they had to do was show me pokemon and i give it a 10/10!!

the only other semi-significant occurance is that i got a new phone. a pixel! its... interesting. definitely a little different than my old galaxy, but hey, i like different sometimes. the camera's real good... plus, any android system is automatically 10,000x better than any iphone, so get dunked.

once again i come to the end of the news post bereft of content. apparently, for the millionth week in a row, i've 'been busy'! probably. i mean, time passed, so i must have been doin' something. whatever!! look forward to 12 days from now, when i have two things to report and apologize again for not having much stuff.

ciao!!!!! 🏝🏝🏝🤖🤖🤖