funny story.


i got a job???

yeah, so, i've apparently continued on my quest to bumble my way through every stage of life. i asked my dad for a job, he said 'okay', and a couple days later, i was clocking in for my first day of work.

as it turns out, office shit is... easy. like, really easy. i can finish most of my duties quicker than i'm given them, so there are plenty of breaks for me to check my phone and such. my coworkers are all super nice and friendly (and in their 20s,) and my boss is... my dad. also, he pays for my lunch and caffeine addiction! god bless vending machines.

so yeah! i have a career now, and a job title, and flagrant nepotism!

anyway, moral of the story, i guess: don't go to college? just get a job through your connections, with no skill needed on your part.

(not that my job requires any particular skills beyond a basic ability to follow simple directions, but apparently i'm doing way better at that than the last schmuck they hired!)

unfortunately, between the commute and 9 hour shift and such, my job takes up almost 12 hours of my weekdays. as a result, i won't have as much time to do art...

for that reason, i've decided to put all of my silly website shit on hold and really work on my webcomic.

here's a sneak peak of the prologue to the prologue. (addendum: no longer viewable! sorry!) this is... sort of the lead-in creation myth behind the world, and the concepts mentioned here won't come up for a while. don't worry, the majority of the comic won't be this seizure-inducing. i just couldn't keep myself from making the beginning suitably cursed! i have to set the stage somehow, you know.

oh, and speaking of putting website stuff on hold...

yeah, for those of you who somehow aren't aware, i did a little... 'grey hat' stuff on neocities.

i found an interesting explot/design flaw which allowed me to make many, many fake accounts super quickly, all linked to one account. i also found that there was nothing stopping those accounts from following my main one.


i archived my site, sent off a message to kyle drake, and gave myself like 120 followers, shooting up pretty high on the browse page.

i made it clear in the support message that i was fine with my sites being purged, and i sort of fully expected to be banned in, like, a couple hours.




its been three days and i'm not banned.

those of you in the discords i'm in know that this has been... perplexing. i'm not quite sure what to do? i won't be giving out the exploit unless i'm sure it's not being worked on, in maybe a week or two.

nevertheless, uh... i have all the followers still. which is pretty smarmy, but... um. yeah.

i guess we'll see how this goes!


i did fanart of invizibleup's ghostsona! check out her site!

she's not on neocities any more, and is thus a traitor and a scoundrel, but her site's still cool! just inherently inferior, obviously, as it no longer carries with it the sweet and lemon-scented kiss of kyle drake's approval.

that's all for today! see you laters, alligators! πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ‘”πŸ’ΌπŸ’ΌπŸ’ΌπŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©