i dont feel like writing a lot so lets do this quick

yea i got my first paycheck

spent the first dollars ordering dominos

no regrets babeyyyyy

xander needs to help me find out why the fuckin backgrounds all stop one screen down

fuck uikit

nvm i fixed it thanks soups.neocities.org

soups didnt actually tell me the solution but asked me a question which got me to look at it again so thanks

new dnd character. renegade cyborg tiefling warlock outlaw yeehaw. her spidery biz is based on that one adventure time episode

watch me never finish this drawing of her

anyway because of my 40 hour workweek i havent had much time to finish art but ive done plenty of sketching

so heres a shitty sketch compilation

truly incredible. aren't you glad you clicked on today's news post, huh?

get the fuck out of my sight

oh and ps kyle didn't ban me but he did go :-/ and ask that i not break the site in the future

thanks kyle

ps2: amendum: *addenmum::

who are you people