* why are teens and goddesses(addendum: whoops! this no longer makes sense because you can't read the thing. oh well! you had to be there, buddy.) owning me on the internet

* ill have you know that that bitchass triple triangular prism motherfuckerx3 stopped uploading the datalog literally one line before i interrupted it

* like the very next sentence is me commenting stuff and telling them off for their crappy verbose writing

* (and then i got banned but lmao that couldnt stop me)

* also, 'lobotomies' (mind powers!!!) totally work better than making a whole stupidass ringworld, fyi

* and i don't drink beer

* i exclusively drink everclear

* so jot that down

* and im not even in debt so that teen web page makes zero sense

* i am the debt COLLECTOR

* of many debts

* btw if any of you are looking to sell your soul hmu i got lotsa magical girl pens n shit

* anyway this eldritch monstrositys gotta fly so ill check you later, losers

fi fie fo fum

who the FUCK touched my phone