oh, golly. its... been a while, huh? like. five months. yeah.



lets start with the art, shall we? there ain't much, so don't get too excited.

this is a changeling mystic from a 5e game im in that hasnt had a session since i sketched this. whoops

this is another drawing of that cyborg tiefling who was in a different news post and looked all gross as fuck. another 5e game, i dropped out of it

this is my kickass """evil""" (she is actually very good but she INSISTS she is evil) ghost fuschia troll named umbrae, and her dumbo octopus lusus, from a homestuck tabletop my friends and i are playing. she's a bard of time and she prototyped herself with her lusus because, like, why not, am i right? burble

here she is as god tier... yeah, she's not gonna wear the codpiece nor the stupid hat, which ends up making the outfit pretty boring? i'll have to revamp it a bit once she actually achieves glubtier i mean god tier

heres some spritework i did for two other players (theres 12 players in total). the one on the left... did not ask me to make a body, so, thats why, thats there

the character from above likes to boop people with pgos...

okay so i ended up using this for my 'under construction' thing while i was doing this update, but heres a half-finished potion flash knockoff i was doing until i realized i had no idea how to code something like this and gave up! i probably wont ever finish it, because i dont know shit

anyway, uh

yeah, thats all the art, more or less. all the completed art, anyway. ive done plenty of sketches and memes,

...but mosta that stuff is pretty shoddy so i'll spare you the eyesore.

also, quick site changelog:

...basically all i did was get rid of uikit and move all of the update/blog posts to their own pages so that the index page isnt, like, a 40 mb load.

so, why have i done so little art and not updated the site and shit? well, i'd like to blame my job, but... ive actually managed to get my hours lowered recently and now i actually have some time in the day to do things, and i've just been. squandering that time

not to get too personal, but late in august my mom died, so right now i'm... barely existing. not really doing much. a horrible capstone to easily the worst year of my life

sooooooooo really i'm just taking the rest of this year to rest. i'll try and work on more stuff in 2020...

thats all for today. thanks for reading, and ciao 🌺