sorry i haven't updated in a bit... busy for the holidays!! i spent an entire day organizing and putting dates to all of my old art from late 2013 to 2018, and that sort of destroyed my motivation for a week or two, haha. none of that stuff is public yet, but hopefully soon!

anyway, here's some rainbow cookies i baked for christmas dinner tomorrow!! i've never baked anything this complicated before... they came out a little wonky, but they taste JUST like the real thing from the bakery so i hope my family likes them!!

maybe i'll add a little book for real-life images to the art page 'bookshelf' i'm working on... well, i'll have to get my camera back from my friend for that. sorry for the potato quality of the ones above 📷📷

i couldn't actually get the modal on the art page working fully, though, so i'm gonna work on that when i have time next week!

um... and i made a 3d model of a spaceship for shores of hazeron! boy, i need to make a link for that game, its a real hoot. i'll post pics of that ufo when its done too!

oh, before i go, have y'all heard of mitski? she's incredible!!

that's it for today! ciao! 🌈🌈🌈