happy belated new years! 🎉

i finally found the time/fucks to give to work on the art section a little bit more. the [Characters] and [Chrono] tomes... work, i guess. still need a LOT more work before they're done. and i couldn't ever figure out how to double-modal and put everything on one html page...

all things considered, probably for the best. i don't think putting every single thing on one page ever would have worked, that was kind of dumb as hell

the only characters with any info there for them are koryo and [redacted]. honestly, i spent more time drawing updated portraits for all of them than i did working on the html page. -_-

anyway, that's all for now! hopefully next time i won't be stricken with the 'update my website' bug at 5 am, especially when i have to get up at 9 am tomorrow...

🎁🎁 ciao! 🎁🎁

(oh, and i added a favicon, too! just a rose emoji :)