well... the second batch certainly came out more uniform!! ESPECIALLY compared to the last batch...

unfortunately, i was running low on jelly, so these ones are a little jelly-light. whatever, i'm not bringing these to a party or anything. these are just for all the important people in my life who weren't at the christmas dinner! 🍄

in site news, i added character portraits to all of them and got their art images loading in from [Chrono]... mostly. some of the portraits, like koryo's, i'm really happy with, and then some of them aren't my best work. i suppose that's the cost of doing like ten full-body drawings of characters i haven't drawn in years all at once!

(two of them were genuinely so shitty that i'm not actually using them! i'll probably re-do them at a later date.)

i also got all of the captions down for 2019, 2018, and 2017! which... are the years that probably *least* needed them, just based on, uh, art quality alone. shouldn't take too long to get through the rest, though!!

(genuinely not sure if i should have 2014-2017 public before i get the [Portfolio] tome up... [Chrono] is supposed to be an archive, with all the flaws that that entails, but right now, it's kind of the only grouping of my art available!)

((i also have an extra-special site layout planned... but that'll have to wait until more individual areas are ready! 🍤))



that's all for now! ciao!