boy, have i been a bad webmaster for the past month or two!

my idea was to update the site with a new design that i found more unique and interesting than the previous aesthetic of 'kindergartener's first website, featuring the color orange', but the idea was pretty involved. like, i still want to do it at some point in the future, but right now, i just don't have the time or coding skills. while i was working on that, i took the site down, thinking it'd take, like, two days, and then... well,,,, i just left the site inoperable for a month. whoops!!

i've actually been pretty busy with other projects. i'm keeping the 'Art' tomes offline, because i still really don't feel like they're... good. unfortunately, that means the website has really Nothing To See, but,, hopefully that'll change soon!!!!

nevertheless, i've given the site a slight facelift, and i'll continue working on it in my spare time!

speaking of those other projects...

this is an animatic i've been working on the past week or two for a tabletop game i'm in based on rwby!! that's my character, lumi, (the same character as in the watercolor above!) she can control light from her firefly abdomen - she's a faunus!

specifically, this is from the orientation session, all the way up until the first round of combat with a nevermore. obviously, this is pretty rough, and i'm not sure if i'll ever finish it (i'm already itchin' to move on to other stuff), but it was really fun! and i learned a lot.

(its also the first somewhat lengthy animatic i've done since watching richard williams' animators survival guide animated dvd series. boy, what a genius! i feel like ive really improved a lot from watching that.)

otherwise... i've been doing mostly sketchbook art, which i'd rather not put up online because of how rough it is...

and i was throwing around the idea of having the site be like a 'ufo', with little animations of my characters going up the tractor beams.

this one... mostly isn't going to be finished because i'm kinda sick of animating with vector lines. i dunno, im not a fan of the look.

this one obviously didnt get as far as the other one - but i like it more anyway.

and, for my final trick...

that's it! ciao! 🌺