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// > …

// > Before this is to begin, there are three essential notions which you must come to understand.

// > The first is the infinite reign of time.

// > The second is the finite nature of matter and the limited patterns which it may approximate.

// > And third, the everlasting boredom of an eternal being subjected to the first two.

// > For those creatures sporting less than nine digits worth of candles on their birthday cake, monotony and tedium are merely concepts to describe that which they feel is a poor use of their limited time.

// > A long day at work. An uncomfortable family gathering. An afternoon at a café with that guy who won’t shut up about his movie script ideas.

// > All are bearable, to... varying degrees.

// > Entities working beyond such a timeframe -- angels, gods, eldritch horrors -- have a considerably different definition of monotony. When you’ve seen it all, you’ve seen it all, and yet chronology trudges onward, into the boundless night, a perpetual ticking of the clock which brings no solace from the same-old same-old.

// > The dull pain of a moment squandered is honed to a caustic point over trillions of aeons.

// > Knowledge itself pierces through their otherwise absolute souls.

// > Forced to confront that which they inherently cannot bear, they SHATTER.

// > All immortal beings are built on the foundations of this paradox of the mutually exclusive, and all dread it. To live infinitely, one must face the constraints of the finite. None survive unscathed.

// > There are, of course, methods of temporary relief. Time itself may be beyond the thrall of the reaper, but it comes only second by second. Hundreds of trillions of years of sanity are certainly possible for a deity, even if it is no small task. It is all just a matter of finding the pockets of knowledge and experience that are as-of-yet unexplored by the individual, whilst not seeking to be all-knowing.

// > Some dedicate themselves to a nearly impossible goal, spending many lifetimes solely focused on it.

// > Others lobotomize themselves, cutting out huge swaths of memory so that novelty can still reach them.

// > Those with truly no compassion left turn to torturing mortals for kicks.

// > All of these methods have their downsides and their limits.

// > The lion’s share of ambitions are not truly unattainable when given an eternity.

// > Continually carving out memories leaves one as a meandering drifter.

// > Mortals can only squirm in so many ways before their programming becomes repetitive.

// > So long as a being is eternal, then someday they must shatter, and succumb to the insanity of the void.

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