🌺 5/30/20 🌺

🌺 5/14/20 🌺

i got so much fuckin. shit. to add to this. but like. my phone's camera sucks and i gotta find my good camera to get sketchbook pics. sry. iou one sketchdump post

🌺 4/13/20 🌺

i am a good tabletop player who does not spend 6 hours on memes

...uh, but, more importantly, this was my first attempt at using blender for, like, animation! and i gotta say, although it has its quirks, blender has the best timeline of any animation software i've ever used. i fuckin love it

now if only i could uh,

figure out how to do fills efficiently,

🌺 4/8/20 🌺

greetings, and welcome to the sketchdump! as the name suggests, this is going to be a repository for all of the nonsense i do that isn't good or finished enough for the portfolio

to start april's first entry off, i'll share some art i did last night, and then pivot into some older stuff i don't have linked anywhere.

often after playing a tabletop session, i'll dump out like 10 pages of sketches really quickly. in this case, i got so much pen ink on myself that i was legally classifiable as a panda

i was kinda considering doing a character page and making little character animations for each of them, but i figured it'd be too much trouble. here's the resulting sketches, though

this is actually from a long while ago. its a gif of umbrae's dreamself being snow white'd by one of her co-players, which i thought was a very funny scene. they both totally have crushes on each other but refuse to admit it. anyway shit like this is exactly what this sketchdump is for - i'm never gonna put my silly joke animations in my portfolio, yknow?

now i'm gonna pivot into old youtube shit, cause why not? this is a bunch of in-game corruptions of rayman 2 that i made, and found interesting, which i cut together into a video

this is probably the storyboard i'm proudest of - its just as rough as all the rest i've done, but even though it was supposed to be a storyboard, i really experimented a lot with the animation, and had tons of fun doing it. lumi's design was obviously not as refined yet (especially proportions-wise) but this was the first time i'd really 'codified' her design at all

i would be remiss not to at least link this thing somewhere - its super rough, and really old, but its got a lot of views and i still think the punchline is really funny

...and that's it! ideally, future posts won't be this long, since i'll just be posting whatever i did that day, rather than a backlog of stuff. thank you for reading this far!